Geography on the Web

Angela Wranic

Building a Wiki

You will be working with your groups to construct a wiki of an environmental topic for our class. Here are some sample topics: acid rain, alternative energy resources, depletion of the rainforest, ozone loss, endangered species, politics and the environment, Artic National Refuge the BP oil spill, recycling,  or any other topic you can think of and approved by the instructor. We will decide on topics and groups in the class. The wiki is a great opportunity to be creative.  Once wikis are completed we will spend time in class reviewing classmates' wikis.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a group website. The website can be edited by anyone in the group and viewed by the general public. There are various sites available that allow free setup of group wikis.

Building your own Wiki.

Each group member must register at to begin.  Take the "series of brief tours" on this site so you understand how to edit your wiki. It is important to note that only one member at a time can edit the wiki. You cannot work simutaneously on a wiki.

One member of your group needs to first establish the wiki.  You need to inform your instructor via e mail or post on their wiki the link to your wiki so all group members and the instructor will be able to find it.

You can use pictures, videos, or other multimedia from the web as long as you follow copyright laws.  The SARS website provides an excellent example of proper references and an example of a website designed by students.  Any text information included on your wiki should be written yourself not copied from a website.  Creating your own information from data available is encouraged. At least two items should be originally created by your group.  Some examples would be a slideshow, PowerPoint, survey conducted and adminstered, an activity, a personal video, a podcast, a blog...and many others. This is your opportunity to be creative!

The wiki will be graded using a rubric (a scoring tool used by instructors to assess a project.) Each category is worth 3 pts or 6.25% to make a total of 100% for the wiki. The points are used as a conveniece the wiki is not necessary worth 48 points the overall score of the wiki relative to other work in the class will be decided by your professor.

Rubric adapted and used with permission from Karen Franker. Original rubric.