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Extra credit explained. 

Final grades are referenced with the last 3 digits of your ID number.  Do not ask me to change a grade unless there is a math or data entry error.

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Welcome to Physical Geography

Welcome to Physical Geography at LBCC with Angela Wranic. You notes are provided below. I will update the website weekly to indicate what we have done in lecture.


Activity List

Our last exam which is our final is on May 17th at our regular meeting hours.

Grades are listed by your ID number.

Activity list #3

1. Biome notes 4/5/12 2 stamps: Take notes on 7 of the 8 biomes we covered (exclude your own biome). In your notes you should cover location in the world, flora, fauna, and human effects. Notes should be about 1/2 a paragraph for each biome. You can organize it in a table if you like. If you missed class you can do the research online or from your textbook. The biomes are: desert, chaparral, deciduous forest, coniferous forest, tropical rainforest, mid-latitude grasslands, tropical savanna grasslands, and tundra.

2. Due on April 26th. You are to take a virtual tour of Bolsa Chica Wetlands at . Look at the general information, birds and science, restoration, and the history. Write a 1 page summary of your tour. (12pt font, double spaced) This is to be in your own words not copy and pasted from the website. 3 stamps. 

3. 4/26 We did our mini rock lab. In order to make up the mini rock lab look in your packet and consult the rock identification notes. The rock names are in bold. We identified 18 rocks so to make up you need to collect internet rocks. So pictures  of the rocks we identified nicely labelled. 3 stamps

4. 5/3 Environmental awareness 3 stamps

Activity list #2

1. humidity 2/23 3 stamps

2. Watched the "The Storm" and answered the questions in your packet on the movie. Follow the link to view the movie online. 3 stamps 3/1/12

3. Climograph 3 stamps 3/8/12

Activity list #1

 1. Metric conversions 3 stamps 1/19/12

2. Pair/share questions (questions at end of Powerpoint chp. 1)  1 stamp 1/19/12

3. global grid 3 stamps 1/26

4. land and water distribution 2/2