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Angela Wranic

Global Warming Module

This module is different from our traditional lecture. You will be constructing your own knowledge. This type of learning will feel different because it is more student-centered than instructor-centered.   Use the message board, tutorials, readings, and video to explore the issue. If you have any questions or problems please contact me.  Hope you enjoy your experience. 

Readings and Footprint

Tutorials, Video, Journal


Use the link below to take four of the tutorials (greenhouse effects, greenhouse gases,carbon cycle, and albedo) on the website.  If you have problems loading the tutorials look under system requirements. It is important to have POP UPS DISABLED and make sure you DOUBLE CLICK on the tutorials.

Global warming tutorials



Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


 You are to answer the following questions in your journal: 1) How does the greenhouse effect warm the earth? 2) What is the difference between the terms global warming, greenhouse effect, and climate change? 3)What scientific evidence exists that indicates climate change is occurring? 4) What scientific evidence indicates climate change is not occurring? 5) What can we do to limit the effects of climate change? 6) Report the results of your ecological footprint calculation and discuss your reaction to this calculation. Personally how could you reduce your footprint?How do you think the estimate could be modified to better reflect your footprint?  7)As a summary for the journal include a personal reflection of your thinking process of how you educated yourself on this topic.

The journal should be clear, logical, and well-structured.  The journal will be graded against the rubric criteria. The journal is an individual project and each person should turn in their own journal. It should  be written in your own words not plagiarized  from other websites. Cite in your journal any ideas that you use from the possible list of readings, tutorials,  videos, or any other information you find on the web.  At minimium the journal should be 5 pages double spaced and typed which is about 1200 words.

Message Board

The message board will be used to discuss the issue of climate change asynchronously. You should do readings,complete the tutorials, and do the exericse for estimating your ecological footprint. I want you to have some scientific background on climate change before you start discussions. The discussion board has been setup in beachboard. Be sure to enter the correct class in the discussion forum.

Behavior on the message board
Postings should be relevant to our global warming issues. Do not post inappropriate messages.  Please interact in a scholarly fashion, do not attack each other.  Point out problems in a helpful way. 
 I will be monitoring the message board. You may of course ask questions of one another and me if you do not understand something about our assignments or content.

Summary of grading for the message board.

The following grading system will be used:


Individual posting

0 points: Student does not post a message.

1 point: Student posts an answer to 1 question.

2 points: Student posts an answer to 2 questions.

3-6 points: Student answers all questions. Does not post a significant response to other students. Some concepts and information are used incorrectly.

7-9 points: Student answers all questions. Some concepts and information are used incorrectly. Student posts a significant response to other students. 

10 points: Student answers all questions, correctly presents concepts or information, and responds to classmates messages.



Discussion board questions:


1. Discusss your opinions on climate change. Be sure to include scientific evidence in your discussion.

2.  Report the results of your ecological footprint calculation and discuss your reaction to this calculation.  Personally how could you reduce your footprint?