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Angela Wranic

Getting Started

At the right you will find a navigation bar that can direct you to the learning object of your interest. The two main topics are global warming and plate tectonics.

You are welcome to contact me with any feedback or if you have information to share. Thank you.


Adding Fun

The Onion  which is a site that uses sarcasm to the max.

Merlot which is a site that contains a large number of learning objects. For geography learning objects you need to search under science and technology as well as the social sciences. which is my website for my Environmental Science class.


Welcome to the website of Angela Wranic.

I have worked as a lecturer at both Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach for 10 years  where I have taught Environmental Science, Physical Geography, and World Regional Geography. I am currently in a PhD program at Texas State University, San Marcos for Geography working with Dr. Muniz as my advisor.  My area of research is geographic education and currently I am interested in exploring learning oriented objects and their use in geography and the geosciences.

PhD proposal

Curriculum Vitae

Articles and papers I have written about Learning Objects.

Paper presented at AAG Washington D. C. in 2010

Publication presented at the Latin American Conference on Learning Objects in AguaCalientes, Mexico in 2009.

More articles on learning objects.

Geography on the Web Changing the Learning Paradigm

When is a Learning Object not an Object: A first step towards a theory of learning objects